Learn about new and updated features.

2018-14.x release highlights:

  • New isToday() function.
  • External links now use %20 instead of +.
  • Tags are now ordered alphabetically.
  • Improved proxy performance.
  • New Interactive Query Language Reference dashboard in Tutorial.

New isToday() Function

This release includes a new function that supports a simpler syntax for filtering data. The function returns 1 after midnight of the current day, and 0 before.


For example, you can simplify the following function:

msum(24h,if(at("end",last(24h, if(hour("US/Central") = 0, if(time()>at("now", time()) - 86400, ts(...)))))

Like this:

msum(24h, if(isToday("US/Central"), ts(...)))

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • In earlier releases, the URL Encoding function replaced a space with +. It now uses the standard %20.
  • The Wavefront UI no longer distinguishes between Primary and Secondary servers.
  • Tags are now ordered alphabetically in overview pages. For example, if you select Dashboards > All Dashboards, then the tags associated with each item are shown in alphabetical order as shown in the following example:

    tag ordering

Interactive Query Language Reference Dashboard

The Interactive Query Language Reference lets you explore query language functions. It includes examples for most functions using the sample data, and contrasts similar function. You can clone the dashboard to experiment.

The following screen shot shows the top and the first few charts of the interactive quick reference:

tutorial start

This screen shot has some examples from later in the interactive quick reference:

tutorial later