Learn about new and updated features.

2018-06.x release highlights:

  • Alert browser now shows last query time for alerts.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Additional improvements to Query Builder.

Alert Browser Shows Last Query Time

You can now see the last query time for each alert in a new column in the Alert Browser. The information is updated once an hour. This can help you find alerts that take a long time to run and fine tune those alerts.

Performance Improvements

This release includes changes that improve performance.

  • Source Search. Source search is now noticeably faster.
  • Search Limits. An entity search now returns a maximum of 1000 entities. You can use filters if you don’t see the entities you’re looking for. This change applies to both UI and API searches.
  • Default Sort. In previous versions of the product, you had to select a sorting strategy in the Sort box, which slowed down the display. You can now display browsers for alerts, dashboards, maintenance windows, and alert targets without a sorting strategy.


    If a sorting strategy is currently selected, you can remove it by typing the URL of the page into your web browsers URL window. Here’s an example for the All Dashboards page: https://mywf.wavefront.com/dashboards

Query Builder Improvements

Some fine tuning of Query Builder:

  • Automatic switch to Query Editor when users paste queries.
  • Removal of confusing pulldown menus.