Learn about new and updated features in the Wavefront 2017-48.x release.

2017-48.x release highlights:

  • Wavefront UI now uses Project Clarity visual theme
  • Improved Query Builder user experience
  • Improved series matching
  • New and changed integrations
  • Other improvements

Wavefront UI and Project Clarity

Wavefront now uses the open source Clarity visual design for a consistent, user friendly experience. This change includes introduction of the new Carbon Black theme, a replacement for the Wavefront Dark Theme.

See Project Clarity on GitHub.

Improved Series Matching

  • A new query language element, by, allows you to create join-by-point-tags queries. You can use the by element to focus a query that might otherwise be too broad to result in a match. See Series Matching with the by Construct
  • If you use a boolean query language operator such as and, the query language now flips the two items if it can’t find a result using the original query. See Automatic Query Flip

Improved Query Builder User Experience

Query Builder helps users get started with the query language through a guided user experience. Query Builder enables you to quickly build and run your first queries. As you use Query Builder, you see the ts() expressions you are building – which helps you learn the query language.

In earlier releases, the ts() Query Editor was also enabled when the Query Builder was selected, and users were confused about where to enter information. In this release, Wavefront displays the query that is being created when the Query Builder is open, but you cannot edit the query when you are in Query Builder mode.

As before, you switch to the Query Editor at any time by clicking the Query Builder icon to turn off Query Builder.


Note You cannot turn on Query Builder for queries you have created or edited using the Query Editor.

New and Changed Integrations

See New and Changed Integrations for info on integrations. We update this file frequently as new integrations become available.

Other Improvements

  • Source tagging API now ignores system tags.