Learn about new and updated features in the Wavefront 2017-44.x release.

2017-44.x release highlights:

  • Google Cloud Platform integration
  • Ability to include Obsolete metrics in alerts
  • Alert Target improvement
  • Reverse sorting of dynamic variables

Google Cloud Platform Integration

The Google Cloud Platform integration offers agentless data ingestion of metric data. The integration includes predefined dashboards and alert conditions, including Tile and Default dashboards:

  • The Google Compute Engine dashboard lets you monitor the compute information in real time. See this Google documentation for details about the metrics.
  • The Google Container Engine dashboard provides visibility into each level of a Google Container Engine cluster. See this Google documentation for details.

Alerts for Obsolete Metrics

Obsolete metrics are metrics that did not report for 4 weeks or more. You can now choose to include obsolete metrics for your alert conditions using the check box in the Advanced section of the Alert editor.

Customers who use queries that aggregate data in longer timeframes sometimes want to include those obsolete metrics.

Alert Target Improvements

  • The email template for alert targets now includes a subject in the default template.
  • The Alert Target Details page now links to the Alert documentation.

Reverse Sorting of Dynamic Variables

You can now use reverse-alphabetic sorting instead of alphabetic sorting for lists of dynamic variables.